Muzzle device for Vz. 58


Muzzle device for Vz. 58

WARCOMP 58 is a two port muzzle brake, designed for semiautomatic and full automatic assault rifles vz. 58 and its variants with same barrel threading. It ensures significant reduction of recoil and muzzle rise.

Use of WARCOMP 58 results in a very neutral feel to the rifle. Use of reduced ammunition may even cause negative muzzle flip.

WARCOMP 58 is made out of stainless steel of yield strength circa 950 MPa and with carbonitrid coating. This helps with the corrosion reduction, which is a common problem with muzzle brakes due to their shape and difficulty to clean.

Mounting is via standard threading and is secured in position with 2 Allen screws. So there is no need for time consuming and laborious adjustment with a lathe, or adding washers so it would fit on the locking pin. This mount allows for quick attachment and detachment. The procedure lasts about 30 seconds and required is only a standard Allen key which is included in the package.

Greatest advantage of WARCOMP 58 and its fast detachment is the ease to clean the threading and crown of the barrel, which is often not possible with common fixed or hard to detach muzzle brakes. This causes corrosion especially when corrosive ammunition with mercury primers is being used.

WARCOMP 58 does not decrease accuracy, nor is its use shifting the point of impact. Also venting gases do not cause lateral movement when shooting near an obstacle and there is no dust rise when shooting from a standard prone position.

Mounting and notch for fixing pin allows for slight angle rotation if needed.

WARCOMP 58 is unique with its effectiveness and its mount because it eliminates mounting difficulties caused by high tolerances common for vz 58 assault rifles.


Weight 66 g
Length 41 mm
Height 21 mm
Width 30 mm