About us

W.A.R. stands for what we stand for: “We Are Reliable”.

W.A.R. s.r.o. was incorporated in 2006. It has been the holder of a defence industry product trading licence under Act of the Slovak National Council No. 392/2011 Z.z. on trading with defence industry products since 2008.

By means of an acquisition, the word defender was added, which underlines the intended use of our products. The main object is the development and manufacturing of special ballistic protective equipment. Our products are developed in close cooperation with the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic, as well as authorities from other countries.

W.A.R. Defender can manufacture products according to specific customer needs (suitable for the level of specified threat). We use exclusively raw materials from world renowned manufacturers in our ballistic protective equipment. Back in 2011, we started manufacturing high-performance ceramic composite products (monolithic, as well as segmented). We also manufacture a comprehensive portfolio of hard ballistic protection. These products van be delivered as personal ballistic protection, as well as add-on ballistic protection of vehicles, here we provide both add-on interior, as well as exterior ballistic protection according to individual specifications. With personal ballistic protection, we pay special attention to threats posed by armour-piercing ammunition. This ammunition includes special projectiles with a hardened steel core, often used in armed conflicts (such as 7,62 B-32 (7.62x54R FMJ/API), .30 M2AP (7,62x63 FMJ/AP) 5,56x45 NATO or SS109.).

Our latest successfully mastered challenge was to develop and manufacture a wearable solution against Wolfram-carbide core ammunition in .308 Win. (7,62x51 NATO FMJ/WC, AP8, AP492) and similar ammunition.

In vehicle protection, our own R&D led to an in-house patented ballistic protection against calibres as 12,7x99 M2AP FMJ/AP (STANAG 3+) or 14,5x114 B-32 FMJ/API (STANAG 4)

W.A.R. Defender products are certified in accredited laboratories and comply with all respective safety standards (NIJ 0101.06/NIJ 0101.04/VPAM BSW/APR 2006/NATO STANAG 4569) and all therein specified strict requirements for ballistic protective products.

The highest manufacturing and sales go hand in hand with individual approach towards each of our customers. We pay special attention to the precise selection of input materials and a high standard of manufacturing quality.

Besides ballistic protection, W.A.R. Defender is the official representative of the following brands for the exclusive needs of Slovak armed forces. Here, our main business partner is Heckler & Koch, the manufacturer of precise and reliable firearms, which stand for the best of the industry.

SwissP Defense AG is the ammunition of choice in the W.A.R. Defender product portfolio.

One of our further key partners is Ulbrichts, the manufacturer of unique truly ballistic helmets with a high grade of protection.

W.A.R. Defender also represents the manufacturer of lights Surefire, as well as the Soldier Electronics section of Rheinmetall, specialising in the manufacturing of high-grade laser taggers, rangefinders, and many other firearm electronics.

We are proud that special law enforcement units in the CEE region, as well as the Ministries of Defense of Slovakia and the Czech Republic, as well as special operations forces (SOF) of both aforementioned countries count among our customers.