Optical sight mounting platform for Vz. 58 (rear - removable)


Optical sight mounting platform for Vz. 58 (rear - removable)

This removable mount is made out of aircraft grade aluminium called Certal with eloxation coating. This ensures for high strength, shape stability and significantly reduces weight compared to steel mounts.

Mounting on the rifle is via adaptor placed between the receiver and buttstock.

Assembly is simple and can be done by anyone.

The adapter is available in two versions. One version is designed for rifles with the original buttstock (both fixed and colapsible), another version is designed for rifles with FAB-DEFENSE colapsible buttstocks that have a polymer joint.

There are no permanent changes to the rifle

Use of this mount changes slightly the geometry of the buttstock. It adds circa 3cm to the overall length, but the angle of the buttstock remains unchanged.

One of the advantages of this mount is the possibility to move the optics closer to the eyes and further away from the ejection port.

It allows mounting the sling swivel via 2 pins on either side of the adaptor before mounting on the receiver.

For maintenance an cleaning purposes you only need to remove the top part which sits on top of the adaptor fixed with screw. (There is no need to remove the buttstock). Simply remove the screw, then the top part and you will be able to remove the dust cover.

This type of mount is suitable for smaller optical sighting systems like Docter Mini, EOTech, etc.

After shouldering the rifle is the optical sight system right in front of the eyes, which significantly reduces aiming time.


Weight 155 g
Length 136 mm
Height 71 mm
Width 30 mm