Special Note Book Ballistic Bag (NBB)


Special Note Book Ballistic Bag (NBB)

Special unrolling ballistic bag provides complex protection class IIIA ballistic according to NIJ 0101.04. Every individual ballistic part is overlapped to avoid ballistic holes. Pull ballistic bag looks like a standard notebook bag, when has been released, which can be done with one finger, the bag unfolds, providing extended ballistic vital zones. The bag is equipped with a belt to hang over shoulder. Belt consists of a flexible part due to the smooth deployment in the event of use. In the back part of the bag is located a pouch for the gun. Loading its size that provides the wide range of weapons from pistols to gun type of PDW including HK MP5 A5.NBB is standardly produced in black color, other colors and dimensions will be produce on the base of customer requirements.

Level of ballistic protection:
NBB IIIA fulfils the ballistic certification on resistance of IIIA class according to the American Standard NIJ 0101.04 which represents the following certified resistance:
1. 9mm Luger FMJ RN, bullet weight 8.2 g, bullet velocity 436 m/s
2. .44 Magnum SJHP, bullet weight 15.6g, bullet velocity 436 m/s

Ballistic material is symmetrical composition and it is not necessary to determine body side of ballistic insert, thereby considerably reducing the risk of misuse.

NBB service temperature range: long-term -20oC to 50 oC, short period -30 oC to 80 oC relative humidity up to 95%

Lifetime warranty:
10-years warranty period for the ballistic resistance of ballistic class IIIA according to NIJ 01010.04. Outer shell is provided standard warranty period for two years, representing 24 months


Ballistic resistance IIIA according to NIJ 0101.04
Dimensions bag: 520 x 350 mm
ballistic elements: 500 x 330 mm,
number of ballistic elements 4pc.
Non-standard dimension: on the base of customer requirements
Complete weight 5,3 kg