Special Ballistic Back Pack (SBBP)


Special Ballistic Back Pack (SBBP)

Model SBBP

Triangular bag designed to provide maximum comfort to the user during wearing on back. Storage place provides enough space for hidden wearing of small arms and automatic rifles. Secondary it offers hidden case for telescopic baton and option to wear the equipment such as transmitter with power supply, first aid kit, explosives such as grenades, back-up magazines, bottle for liquids, etc. The equipment is directly located in the place defined by the user thanks to internal Molle system and Velcro. Special pouch of the bag contains ballistic inserts with the same dimension like the outline dimension of the bag

With one rapid movement – moving the bag from the back to the chest it becomes protective ballistic shield and in the same movement it is possible to open the bag to enlarge the ballistic protection and take out short arm or automatic rifle.

Bag is equipped with the ballistic class of resistance based on the requirements of the user Ballistic protection consists of basic ballistic class TBO 2 CZ according to ČSN 39 5360 and additional ballistic class such as III, IV according to NIJ 0101.04 or TBO 5 CZ, TBO 7 CZ according to ČSN 39 5360

Bags are produced in various dimensions to ensure perfect hidden wearing of long guns, such as HK MP5, HK SD6, EFN P90, vz.58, vz.58 compact, AK-47 ... The bag can be made in "civil" or "military” version in various colors and dimensions with various advertising banners

Optional additional equipment:
Hidden case for enhanced belt to ensure stability of the bag during rapid transport
Hard armor plate


Ballistic resistance Standard: TBO 2 CZ according to ČSN 39 5360
Optional: III or IV according to NIJ 0101.04,
TBO 5 CZ or TBO 7 CZ according to ČSN 39 5360
Complete weight 3,25 kg