Ballistic paper IIIA


Ballistic paper IIIA

One of our latest but most popular products is "ballistic paper." It's a IIIA level (according to NIJ 0101.04) ballistic plate which is only 4mm thick and weight is only 320 g. You can insert this plate in sheet protector and clip it in a binder. If you put this binder (or plate alone) in any baggage, it will get IIIA level ballistic protection. You can use additional clips to attach paper and use it as a writing table and you have ballistic protection right in your hands if you need it. By default this plate is white with size of A4 paper. You can order the plate with different size (e.g. US Letter), color or printing.


Ballistic resistance IIIA according to NIJ 0101.04
- 9 mm Luger, weight 8.2 g, speed 436 m/s
- .44 RM SJHP, 15.6 g, speed 436 m/s
At maximum approved trauma zone 44 mm
Dimensions A4 plate (210 x 297 mm)
Weight A4 plate 320 g