Model WOLF

It is designed for those who need maximum mobility in their activity and do not utilize the complete TBV Combat set. This set is completely sufficient for many activities and functions in the armed and security forces. The vest meets the requirements of the Lightweight Warrior concept and has been proven in actual combat deployment in Afghanistan.

Vest comprises:

- front part
- back part
- belt
- jockstrap
Not compatible with accessories of the TBV Combat vest.

Vest has the following elements:

- AQRS system for quick release system
- Quick-to-go element for quick putting on
- ALP type 2universal cross-coupling
- ergonomic design
- system of weight distribution between the front and rear part
- ACS internal ventilation system using revolutionary 3-D mesh

Front part

- anti-slip pad for weapon
- suspension eye for single-point gun sling
- eyes for radio cables and water hose bag
- universal cross coupling over the entire surface of the front part
- vest buckling and setting with a single buckle
- 2 handles for quick release system
- removable ballistic cup

Back part

- supporting ear to evacuate the wounded from the combat zone
- universal cross-coupling along the entire length of the back
- longer vest hem to better protect lower back parts
- easy access to release system
- inner pocket for the water bag with penetration, which is not part of the bag vest

Vest contains only textile packaging and does not include ballistics and soft sheets.