MPBS (Multi-Purpose-Ballistic-Shield-Blanket)


MPBS (Multi-Purpose-Ballistic-Shield-Blanket)

Primarily designed to provide ballistic protection in accordance with NIJ 0101.04 IIIA and TBO 2 CZ according ČSN 39 5360. MPBSB IIIA in basic dimensions 1900 x 780 mm after installing simple on door provides ballistic protection for operators while forced opening.

MPBSB can be easy and quiet installed on the door with Velcro fasteners where Velcro "hook" is affixed to the door with double-sided tape. From the main part of MPBSB can be withdraw small part of dimension 250 x 270 mm for the door locking mechanism..

MPBS IIIA can be used as ballistic blanket or a soft ballistic shield in following modules:
1x Module DPP TP dimension: 1100x780 mm
1x Module DBP BP dimension: 800 x 780 mm

Primary and secondary works is connected with Velcro double fusing. All parts are in place plans overlap of at least 40 mm to provide secured ballistic resistance. Each module (shield) includes a universal system for inserting a telescopic baton, which serves as a handle of ballistic shields. Fasteners and fastening system is symmetrical.

Level of ballistic protection:
MPBS fulfils the ballistic certification on resistance of IIIA class according to the American Standard NIJ 0101.04 which represents the following certified resistance:
1. 9mm Luger FMJ RN, bullet weight 8.2 g, bullet velocity 436 m/s
2. .44 Magnum SJHP, bullet weight 15.6g, bullet velocity 436 m/s

Ballistic material is symmetrical composition and it is not necessary to determine body side of ballistic insert, thereby considerably reducing the risk of misuse.

MPBS service temperature range: long-term -20oC to 60 oC, short period -30oC to 90 oC relative humidity up to 95%

Lifetime warranty:
10-years warranty period for the ballistic resistance of ballistic class IIIA according to NIJ 01010.04. Outer shell and a transport bag is provided standard warranty period for two years, representing 24 months


Ballistic resistance IIIA according to NIJ 0101.04 and
TBO 2 CZ according ČSN 39 5360
Dimensions Module DPP TP: 1100 x 780 mm
Module DBP BP: 800 x 780 mm
Complete weight 11,5 kg