Tactical platform


Tactical platform


Construction Main frame and support legs made from light alloy. Bean frame and support legs make as welded special I-beam with adequate strength. Particular modules connected by screws. The possibility of rapidly removing the ramp system from the vehicle (2 person, 1 hour) using basic tools and a jack with a capacity of min. 1000 kg. All elements finished in black.

Work platforms Upper surface of ramp and bridge with anti-slip finish. Platform side railings (2 pcs.) demountable, painted black, with retractable part for extension of telescopic member. Side railings with quick folding system.

Hydraulic system Hydraulic system with electro-hydraulic power supply system and two batteries (charged if engine is running). Parking battery charging system. Three hydraulic actuators – (1- elevation of ramp,2 – lowering of ramp, 3 – ejecting of ramp). Actuators with hydraulic lock, hydraulic oil adapted to winter operation. All elements of hydraulic system attached to frame (only electrical connection with vehicle).

Control Electric control system with two controllers. One controller in driver cab, second remote controller with extensible cable with possibility fix to side railings. controllers and sockets in min. IP 54 class.


Cab Double, 4 door
Crew 2 (driver, operator)
Engine Toyota type 1KD
Gearbox Automatic
GVW standard: 2730 kg
after modificiation: 3500 kg