Optical sight mounting platform for Vz. 58 (side - removable)


Optical sight mounting platform for Vz. 58 (side - removable)

This fixed mount is made out of aircraft grade aluminium called Certal with eloxation coating. This ensures for high strength, shape stability and significantly reduces weight compared to steel mounts.

Mounting on the rifle is via 2 screws in distance sleeves. Installation requires an experienced gunsmith to ensure parallel alignment with bore axis.

After correct installation is PICATINY mount direct above bore axis so there is no side shift of aiming line and the side mount does not widen the rifle significantly, so there is no interference with other equipment carried by the operator.

The mount is adjusted for use with right and left handed bolt handle, but the use of left handed bolt handle requires caution.

For maintenance an cleaning purposes you only need to remove 2 security screws using Allen key.

Even after multiple takedown of the mount it still holds zero.

This type of mount is suggested for operators preferring FAB DEFENCE buttstock with metal joint.

After shouldering the rifle is the optical sight system right in front of the eyes, which significantly reduces aiming time.


Length 148 mm
Height 64 mm
Price 144 €
(include VAT)
Installation price (optional) 20 €
(include VAT)