Bullet crusher discharging device


Model BC-2

Patented, unique cartridge of Bullet Crusher can defragment and halt all kinds of ammunition used in the Czech Republic and NATO, including the bullets with the stainless core. The construction of the equipment is sophisticated and resistant, despite the compact size provides the safe discharging of high-speed bullets with the energy 120J/mm2 even. (6.5 x 284, 7WSM, 338 LM etc.) Lining of high-quality rubber and the very precious sheeting/cladding of the holes for the leak of after-shot gases very effectively reduce the noise of the shot. It effectively prevents any injury, which could be caused by spent dust particles, gas blast going out from the barrel. The equipment is designed to be completely maintenance-free. It withstands dozens and dozens of pistol shots without any necessity of the service. In case of the rifle e hit it is recommended the inspection of the product to maintain the high level of safety, which is for us the most important aspect. There is the special device - BC-2, developed for the discharging of the rifle ammunition.

BC-2 is made of the steel SSAB HARDOX and can repeatedly defragment and halt all kinds of ammunition of short and long firearms used over the world. Despite the small size easily captures even “anti-materials” ammunition of cal. 12,7/100 alias .50 BMG - bullets with the energy of 18 000 Joule.


Dimensions/size length. 30 cm x width. 16 cm x high. max 25 cm
Weight approx. 12 kg
Table, Wall mounting etc.
Warranty 24 months