XDM 4.5


XDM 4.5

Beginning with the slide, this part is machined from high-grade steel. HS’s front and rear sight are dovetailed securely into the slide. Made of steel, these sights use the 3-white dot system. At the left front of the slide, there’s a vertically angled cutout. It’s a takedown notch where the lever swings upward. On the top of the slide at the rear of the ejection port, a pivoting lever serves as a loaded chamber indicator, which can be verified by sight or touch.At the rear of the slide, a cocking indicator can be checked in the same ways. If in doubt, it takes only a second to verify that both these parts are protruding and the pistol is ready to shoot.

Mated with the slide, the almost-conventional barrel is similar to that pioneered by SIG and used by GLOCK, S&W, FN and others. We said “almost”, because while this barrel locks against the front of the ejection port and looks like most improved Browning short recoil barrels, the muzzle is enlarged like barrels on match competition pistols. With typical dual captive springs, the recoil springs system of the HS telescopes to save space.

The HS’s matte black polymer frame has a number of advanced features. The frame’s dust cover houses the metal plate with the pistol’s serial number. It also leads to the wide trigger guard that features a grooved extended portion for those who shoot with the supporting index finger there. At the front of the frame there is a rail system for laser and tactical lights what makes HS suitable for service in Police and Military Special Forces. Grooved user-friendly non-slip grip with thumb rests and combat style trigger guard allows the gun to comfortably fit any hand. Designed to be as ergonomic as possible, this grip shape is not only very comfortable, but it is angled so that the HS points naturally, and its sights lined up for us instinctively. To test the HS’s point ability, hold it at low ready, look at your target, close your eyes and bring the pistol up. Unlike some other pistols, the HS’s sights will be right on target for most shooters. The grip safety truly sets the HS apart from others of its type. This is a true safety, but if not fully depressed, it also prevents the slide from being retracted. If the grip safety is not depressed when re-holstering, the slide of the HS will not be retracted when it is pushed into your carry holster.

The magazine is made of robust chrome plated steel. Not only does the HS magazine boast total lubrication and rust protection, it also falls free every time the ambidextrous magazine is depressed. This release can be depressed inward from either side to drop the magazine. What’s more, 50% of the release is protected from accidental depression by the frame.The HS’s takedown lever differs from any other pistols. Positioned on the left side of the frame, like that of SIG and Beretta, the HS takedown lever is rotated clockwise to the UP position rather than down, which explains the clearance cut on the left front side of the slide.

The HS trigger has a locking device. When pressing the trigger, the trigger lock is automatically released as part of the firing cycle, but that’s only part of it. Although the HS’s trigger feels like a double-action trigger, it’s technically single-action. When the slide is retracted and released, the wide portion of the striker sear engages a fixed sear in the frame where it’s held to the rear. A trip lever for the striker block (or firing pin safety) is positioned along the right side and forward of this sear. Operating applied to the trigger together with its own totally independent return spring, the trigger and draw bar have no contact with these parts until a finger.The locking block of the HS also houses the mainframe rails. Machined from solid steel stock, the heat-treated locking block also houses the lower portion of the feed ramp. Two pair of right and left side rails which control the fore and aft movement of the slide, with the thick polymer in the dust cover area, ensures that there is noway that this one will bend under stress of an attached light, as some pistols have already done.

All pistols part made by HS Produkt has coated with new Tenifer® X - Treme durable TM, special Tenifer coating developed with cooperation between HS Produkt and Durferrit company. Tenifer® X - Treme durable TM is new generation of improved (Glock-like) Tenifer coating
- environmental friendly (there is not toxic vast and during work you are not working with extremely toxic components as it is case with standard Tenifer process)
- on contrary to standard Tenifer process which give "soft" core (inside parts) around 33 HRc which give tensile strength 880 - 1080 N/mm2, HS Produkt and Durferit develop Tenifer® X - Treme durable TM version of Tenifer process which give surface hardness and corrosion resistance like standard Tenifer process (surface hardnes 66 HRc) but secure hard "core" which give tensile strength between 1300 - 1400 N/mm2 what is 30% improvement of strength.

This is a strong, sturdy pistol. As a matter of fact, everything about the HS pistols says “strong, reliable, shootable”. We believe that this is a handgun that deserves the attention of every serious handgunner.


Caliber 9 Luger / .40 S&W / .45 ACP
Magazine capacity 19 rounds (9 Luger)
16 rounds (.40 S&W and .357 SIG)
13 rounds (.45 ACP)
Version black / green frame / desert frame / silver slide
Sights 3-dot, the rear sight is adjustable for windage
Pistol weight without magazine 715 g (9 Luger)
770 g (.40 S&W)
765 g (.45 ACP)
Empty magazine weight 85 g (9 Luger and .40 S&W)
95 g (.45 ACP)
Pistol length 193,5 mm (9 Luger and .40 S&W)
196,5 mm (.45 ACP)
Pistol heigth 145 mm (9 Luger)
146 mm (.40 S&W and .45 ACP)
Barrel lenght 116,5 mm
Trigger 2,5 - 3,17 kg
Safety trigger safety,
grip safety,
firing pin block,
loaded chamber indicator,
striker status indicator
Price 575 €
(include VAT)
(The price is for black 9mm Luger model)